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orts shoul??d be made to expand household consumption, reasonably raise p??ublic consumption, activate brick-and-mortar businesses0


while?? maintaining the prevailing trend of new online consumption. ??Meanwhile, international economic cooperation should be str9


en??gthened to accelerate the construction of global logistics su??pply chain system and ensure the smooth flow of international??H



freight transportation, the meeting said. The meeting also s??tressed efforts to ensure agricultural production, stabilize ??supply and prices of key non-staple food, organize spring plo??wing and furt0

her support the farmers. China will continue to ??restore hog production, and tackle difficulties faced by anim??al husbandry and aquaculture sectors. The country will also h??elp impoverished people re6

and China j will appropria2
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turn to their posts and get employe??d, and take timely measures to support those slipping back to?? or falling into poverty due to the epidemic. Noting that Chi??na's tasks of poverty relief remained c3

omplicated, the meetin??g called for enhanced endeavors to win the battle against pov??erty as the COVID-19 outbreak has brought new difficulties an??d challenges. Local governments were urged to adopt S

tely raise5 ??the fiscal 7




95 %




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a targete??d approach towards poverty relief, keep anti-poverty policies?? stable and improve rural weak links in a bid to complete the?? building A

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of a moderately prosperous society in all respects ??as scheduled, said the meeting.The COVID-19 pandemic has once again demonstrated that manki??na

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d is a community with a shared future that shares weal and?? woe. Only with solidarity and cooperation can the internat??ional community prevail ove

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er our common enemy and safeguard?? the planet. BEIJING, March 26 -- Chinese President Xi Jinp??ing Thursday called for a resolute all-out global we

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ar again??st the COVID-19 outbreak as leaders of the Group of 20 (G20??) convened an extraordinary summit to coordinate multilater??al response to m


the pandemic. "It is imperative for the inte??rnational community to strengthen confidence, act with unit??y and work together in a collective respD

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onse," Xi addressed?? the summit via video link in Beijing. Calling major infect??ious disease the 8



enemy of all, Xi said the international co??mmunity must comprehensively step up international coops


erat??ion and foster greater synergy so that humanity as one coul??d win the battle against the COVb


ID-19. The summit came as t??he global death toll from the COVID-19, an illness caused b??y novel cF

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Abul Mal Muhit

nds, incre?

oronavirus, has climbed over 21,000 and the number?? of infections has surpassed 480,000 as of Thursd8


Frank Miller

?ase thJ

ay, accord??ing to a count by Johns Hopkins University. This is the fir??st time for the leaders of tb


Michael Jonson

e scale of sp0

he world's 20 major economies t??o hold a summit online since the mechanism, which used to o??nly gatS


Mo. Kha. Alamgir

ecial bonds foQ

her finance ministers and central bankers, was eleva??ted to be the world's premier platform for inteu

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rnational ec??onomic cooperation in 2008. Strg

  • overnments, an1
  • d gui??de the inY
  • terest rate to dH
  • ecline in thB
  • e loan market. 9
  • The meeti??ng und9


essing the outbreak is sprea??ding worldwide aM

  • ed financial pc
  • olicies such as 1
  • reloan and redisg
  • cou??nt quotG
  • as, as well as f
  • deferring repaymeW
nt of K


nd the situation is disturbing and unsettli??n2

  • capital with i9
  • nt??erest, in a Q
  • bid to provide t4
  • argeted finaU
  • ncial services 8
  • for ep??idemic coG


g, Xi called on countries to move swiftly to sU

  • work resumpti1
  • on and developme0
  • nt of the real eb
  • ??conomy. Th1
  • e meeting urgedd
  • efforts to releao
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Abul Mal Muhit

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tem the spre??ad of the virus. He proposed that a G20 health ministers' m??eeting be convened as quick as possible to improve informat??ion sharing, C


Abul Mal Muhit

s??tic markeg

strengthen cooperation on drugs, vaccines and ??epidemic control, and cut off cross-border infections. Xi a??lso proposed a G20 COVID-19 assistance iB


Abul Mal Muhit

t, orderly cK

nitiative for bette??r information sharing and policy and action coordination wi??th the support of the World Health Organization (WHO). Guid??ed by B

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the vision of building a community with a shared futu??re for mankind, China will be more than ready to share its ??good practices and provide assistaV

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nce in its capacity to co??untries hit by the growing outbreak, he said. The summit wa??s chaired by Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Sa??uf

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d. The kingdom, which holds the presidency of the G20 this?? year, said it organized the extraordinary meeting to advan??ce global efforts to tackle t7

of mallsd
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he pandemic and its economic i??mplications. The leaders of G20 members were joined by thei??r counterparts from some invited countries, including Spa6

and mark7
ets,?? and ens

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in??, Jordan, Singapore and Switzerland, as well as the United ??Nations, the World Bank and other international organizatio??ns, and the chairing states of some regional organizations.?? COLLECTIVE RESPONSE During his addres5

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